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Abraham Lincoln full name was Abraham Thomas Lincoln. Abraham Lincoln was the sixteenth President of the United States, serving his term from 1861 to 1865. Abraham Lincoln liberated the people of America from the practice of slavery. Abraham Lincoln said that caste-creation, white and black, are all a gift of God and all are equal. There is no difference between them. 

He was the first democratic US President. Earlier he was a lawyer, legislator, member of the US House of Representatives. Abraham Lincoln achieved success with his courage and courage in America's biggest battle. Abraham Lincoln was a man of honest open mindedness. No one could bear any pain from them.

Today we will get information about such a great hero.

Brief Introduction

Abraham Lincoln

Birth Date

February 12, 1809

Birth Place

Hodgenville, Kentucky (USA)

Father Name

Thomas Lincoln

Mother Name

Nancy Hanks


Law Education


Mary Anne Todd


4 Sons (Robert, Edward, Willie and Tad)






16th President of America (4 March 1861 - 15 April 1865)

Known for

President of America, Civil War, Social Reformer


15 April 1865

Abraham Lincoln Biography

Abraham Lincoln Birth

Abraham Lincoln was born on February 12, 1809 in Hodgenville, Kentucky (USA).

Abraham Lincoln Parents 

Abraham Lincoln was born in a poor black family. Abraham Lincoln's father's name was Thomas Lincoln and mother's name was Nancy Hanks. His father Thomas Lincoln was a strong and determined person who led the way and was a respected citizen of the society.

Abraham Lincoln Early Life 

In childhood, people called him lazy because in the beginning he did not like to work hard. He enjoyed reading books and drawing. But father used to follow the family by doing agriculture and cutting wood and due to financial problems Abraham Lincoln had to leave his school. But Abraham Lincoln was very interested in studies. Because of which he studied education from the traveling teacher and from the books of friends. Abraham Lincoln's favorite book was "The Life of George Washington".

Abraham had an older sister, Sarah, and a younger brother Thomas, who died in infancy. During the land dispute, Lincoln had to move from Kentucky to Parry County, Indiana in 1817, where his family was living in very difficult circumstances, but Thomas eventually bought a land.

abraham lincoln family abraham lincoln Biography
When Abraham Lincoln was 9 years old, his mother died on 5 October 1818 at the age of 34. At that time his world was ruined and Abraham was separating from his father and at that time he worked hard, in December 1919, a year after the death of his mother, Thomas Lincoln married Sarah Bush Lincoln, who was herself a widow. And she had three children, she was a compulsive woman. He had a good bonding with Abraham Lincoln, both of them were not very educated, but Sarah encouraged Abraham Lincoln to study, Thomas was a farmer, he did not have much money. That's why Abraham Lincoln's studies could not be completed, Abraham completed his studies at home.

Abraham Lincoln Education

Lincoln was self-educated. His formal schooling was intermittent, the aggregate of which may have amounted to less than twelve months. He never attended college, but Lincoln retained a lifelong interest in learning.

Abraham Lincoln's childhood grew up in extreme difficulties, so Abraham Lincoln's early education was not done properly, the family was also not so educated and the environment and environment were also responsible for this. But Lincoln's hard work defeated this too, he achieved a degree in law, but due to the humanist and liberal approach, Abraham Lincoln had failed in the advocacy.

After this Abraham Lincoln did not stop, he entered politics and he started politics as a member of the Republic Party and not only became a good politician but also became a strong speaker.

Abraham Lincoln Struggle in Life

This one of Abraham Lincoln's life that most people do not know but this made him play the role of becoming President Abraham Lincoln people know only as a hero of the poor, the struggle till he became president. But people know this It is also known that Lincoln was born in a wooden hut in the cold winter. He used to take books there to walk for miles, used to come and sit at night in the wood burning in the fireplace.

Abraham Lincoln Biography
Abraham Lincoln has not only got success, he has faced many failures in his life. Failed in business in 31 years, lost the state legislator election in 32nd year. Started a new business in 33rd year, failed in that too, fiancée died in 35th year, nervous break down in 36th year, contested for Congress in 43rd year and lost in that too. In 55 years, he fought for the Senate, he also faced defeat, contested for Vice President, he lost it too and after facing many struggles, Abraham Lincoln became the 16th President of America in 1860.

At the age of 9, Abraham Lincoln's mother died and the entire responsibility of the house fell on his sister Sarah. Seeing the situation in the house, the father married a widowed woman Sarah Bush Johnson. Your stepmother loved you very much and she used to help you in your studies. But his father used to behave harshly with him. Abraham Lincoln had started working in a store to improve the condition of the house, there he started reading the book of law, when he came to know that a retired judge lived on the other side of the river, he went to him and prayed to him. They let them read their books, seeing their attachment to your law, they allowed them, but Abraham Lincoln had to do their household chores instead.

When Abraham Lincoln was the postmaster, you saw the problems of the people closely and left their jobs and entered politics because they did not like the then slavery system and wanted to end them but Abraham Lincoln failed in the election and left the job. had to face financial problems due to

At the age of 24, Abraham Lincoln fell in love with a girl named Routledge, but he died due to an illness. Seeing that he lived in a lot of tension due to this incident, a friend of his, Bolin Green, pulled him out of this tension and encouraged him to contest the election of MLA.

Abraham Lincoln was the young leader of the time who won the legislative election. He inspired the youth. His fame started increasing as well as Abraham Lincoln got the license to practice.

Abraham Lincoln Education and Law

In March 1830, Abraham moved with his family to live in Macon County. Being 22 years old at this time, he came here and started working as a labourer. Abraham Lincoln's height was 6'4 feet and he was thin and tall, but he was very strong in body. At this time he used to work as a watchman, shopkeeper etc. But in the end he opened a general store. All this went on for years. Abraham Lincoln entered politics in 1837. And he became the leader of the Whig Party. Fought many elections. But due to his lack of economic development and the poor not getting justice, he decided that he would become a lawyer. And he started studying law.

In 1844, Abraham Lincoln took law training with William Herndon and after some time he became a lawyer. He did not earn much money from advocacy, but he got peace of mind and satisfaction from his advocacy. In front of whom there was no value of this wealth. He was very honest in his work, his stories are famous even today.

Abraham Lincoln Biography
There are many stories of Abraham Lincoln's advocacy, some of which are as follows. At the time of his advocacy, Abraham Lincoln used to get his clients to agree outside the court so that people would not have to spend money in legal proceedings. The agent was asking for $ 200 to the widow of a soldier to get a pension of $ 400, you advocated for them for free, arranged for their living and food. It is also said about you that you used to work for less fees than required.

Lincoln did not take much money from poor people like him while advocating. Once in a case his client gave him $25 but he returned $10 saying that he had only $15 in his case.

Abraham Lincoln Marriage and Children

On November 4, 1842, struggling lawyer Abraham Lincoln marries Mary Anne Todd, a Kentucky native, at her sister’s home in Springfield, Illinois.

Lincoln was an affectionate husband and father of four sons, though his work regularly kept him away from home. 
The oldest Robert Todd Lincoln, was born in 1843 and was the only child to live to maturity. Edward Baker Lincoln (Eddie), born in 1846, died February 1, 1850, probably of tuberculosis. Lincoln's third son, "Willie" Lincoln was born on December 21, 1850, and died of a fever at the White House on February 20, 1862. The youngest, Thomas "Tad" Lincoln, was born on April 4, 1853, and survived his father but died of heart failure at age 18 on July 16, 1871.

Political Tenure of Abraham Lincoln

Abraham Lincoln Biography
In 1854, Lincoln again entered politics. Due to politics, he stood in many elections. Then he was associated with the Whig party, but after some time that party ended. Became a member of the new republicanism in 1856. He proved to be a very capable leader of this new party. At this time he stood in the election for Vice President and he got very few votes, due to which he lost in this election, the entire attention of the nation was turned towards the violence in Kansas and the Supreme Court's decision in the case of Dred Scott , which was on the debate on the issue of slavery in the new state. People liked Lincoln very much, because Lincoln did many things to end the practice of slavery in the country.

He said in a speech that - "The nation cannot be divided, half slaves and half independent cannot live without them, all will remain united". Seeing this speech of Abraham Lincoln and his work, his name was selected for the President of America.

Abraham Lincoln as President

Abraham Lincoln took the oath of office on March 4, 1861, as the 16th and most popular leader of America. Abraham Lincoln Popularity Ends Slavery and American Home Peace Is Planted.

Abraham Lincoln Presidency

Abraham Lincoln was elected the 16th President of America in 1860. Even after being elected President, it was the effort of Abraham Lincoln to end the practice of slavery from the nation. The practice of slavery was between the southern and northern states. The white people of the southern state called the people of the north for agriculture and wanted to keep them as slaves. But Abraham Lincoln wanted to end this slavery practice.

On February 1, 1861, Mississippi, Florida, Alabama, Georgia, Louisiana and Texas seceded and a civil war broke out. As the war progressed, Lincoln made a promise to himself and launched an abolitionist movement for the country, and he was successful in this. In 1863, hostage free was finally declared and became a document of slave freedom in the state. But in Missouri, Kansas, Nebraska and Arkansas, slaves did not get freedom from legal stakes.

Abraham Lincoln made a very important contribution to the American Civil War, which was a battle of his blood, morality, constitution, and politics. Due to this, he also had to face many problems.

Abraham Lincoln as Social Reformer and Freedom from Slavery

Abraham Lincoln Due to the kind nature, tender heart, some incidents had greatly influenced Abraham Lincoln, for whose uplift he always struggled, to get rid of the oppression of the slaves and he believed that slavery was for human society. It's a curse.

The Negro people of African origin brought from Africa in South America were kept chained. They were beaten with whip and forcibly sold to enslaved women and men. The enslaved people had no human rights. He was not even considered human. They were bought and sold like commodities being sold in the market.

Abraham Lincoln Biography

They were put on exhibition at the intersections, tied with big chains. One human treated another human like an animal. Farming work and hard work were taken up. South Americans considered them as a means of earning money. South Americans believed that slaves were the basis of their lives. The slave owners of South America gave such arguments for the end of slavery. The people of the South called it the basis of pious life and society. It is the right of the people of the South to protect the slaves and keep their dominion over them, which is justified.

North Americans were against slavery, they said. Slavery is a way of self-fulfillment for one's own personal thinking. It is against the law of God, the people of the South were of the opinion that the abolition of slavery was against us and they used to protest against the progress of the South.

It is said that when the civil war started and when the people and soldiers of the north reached there, they saw the astonishing sight, whose fighting for the emancipation of slavery, the same people are standing in front of them to fight with weapons.

Abraham Lincoln in Civil War 

There was a civil war between the North Zone and the South Zone of America. Which was to end the practice of slavery. The white people of the southern states wanted to take the black people of the northern region to take them as hostage forever by calling them to farm. The southern states wanted to make their own country and the northern states wanted to end slavery and stay united. In between, a civil war started between these two states.

Abraham Lincoln Biography Abraham Lincoln in Civil War

The three fronts of the war were the states of the sea, the Mississippi Valley, and the East Coast. Import and export goods from Europe on the south coast were banned and the largest city there was surrendered to New Orleans. The southern state also won many victories in the Mississippi Valley. The beginning of 1863 proved to be very difficult for the northern states, but as the war progressed, the war was overthrown.

The end of the war was clearly visible in 1864. The kingdoms of the north were victorious, and the civil war ended. After the end of the war, strictness was not adopted for the southern states and the practice of slavery was abolished and a law was made to free the slaves. From 1861 to 1865, North America won the war.

Result of the War

Complete abolition of slavery from America and freed them from the bondage of slavery. They were given the right to vote in the US Constitution.

As a result of this war, the problem of apartheid arose in America. which is still visible.

The State Confederation of the South was incorporated into the US Constitution.

More than 6 lakh American soldiers and people were killed in this war to keep America's unity intact.

The US Congress (Parliament) put a legal stamp on the freedom of slaves by amending the 13th Constitution.

Abraham Lincoln Death

On April 15, 1865, Abraham Lincoln was shot by the famous actor John Wilkes Booth in Ford Theater in Washington DC, the capital of America, and he died, but 10 days later he died in a collision.

Abraham Lincoln Quotes
Precious Words of Abraham Lincoln

  • Abraham Lincoln said that make the enemy a friend, the enemy and the enmity will automatically end.
  • After becoming the President, one of his friends said that now you can eliminate your opponents by choosing, so Abraham has said that he is doing the same thing by making them friends. Then his friend said that it is good then, Abraham Lincoln, you do not understand that if all are friends, then where will the enemies remain.
  • A friend is one whose enemy is the same who is also your enemy.
  • I feel good when I do good, feel bad when I do bad, that's my religion.
  • No one can be so capable that he can rule over someone against his will.
  • Democracy is a government of the people, by the people and for the people.
  • Most people are happy because they make up their mind.
  • Character is like a tree and reputation is like a shadow. The shadow, which we think of, but the tree, is real.
  • Whatever I am or hope for, is dedicated to my angel mother.
  • Give me 6 hours to chop down a tree, in the first four hours I will sharpen the axe.
  • Things may come for those who wait, but except for those that are sharp.
  • In one generation there is a vision of the school room and in the next there will be a vision of the government.
  • Sir, my interest is not that God is on our side, I am interested in that we are on God's side because God is always right.
  • I know best how best I can. I mean I can keep doing this till the end.
  • Always keep in mind that your own determination to be successful is more important than anyone else's.
  • Don't worry when you are not recognized, strive to be worthy of recognition.
  • My biggest concern is not whether you have failed or not, but whether you are satisfied with your failure or not.
  • The best thing about the future is that it comes one day at a time.
  • You cannot escape tomorrow's responsibility by destroying today.
  • In the end, your life doesn't have years to count, it's life in your years.
  • Whoever you are, be a good person.
  • I'm a slow driver, but I never run behind.

Abraham Lincoln was one of America's greatest heroes, the perspective of seeing him can be in many ways, a staunch patriot, a social reformer and freedom of human life from the story of human, all these credit goes to him.